Welcome to Oasis Club!
Located in the middle of a steppe, in a small village of Udabno (Georgia), it is the closest restaurant and accommodation to the monastery complex of David Gareja, one of the greatest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Georgia!

Look at the video (English and German subtitles available):

Oasis Club (restaurant and café) offers a mix of Georgian and European cuisine prepared by local cooks from Udabno. A range of drinks, among others tarragon chacha, Polish vodka and special selection of Georgian wines.
You can profit from hammocks, chess, backgammon game (nardi), dart board etc. We offer bikes to rent too! There is a big chance you will meet the locals singing and dancing after dusk. Feel free to leave some photographs, pictures or souvenirs after your stay!


Four cottages to rent in the middle of a Georgian semi-desert. All with private bathrooms/toilets and a terrace with an outstanding view of the steppe!

80 GEL for one person
(breakfast included)

120 GEL for two people
(breakfast included)

150 GEL for three people
(breakfast included)

180 GEL for four people
(breakfast included)


Enjoy chill atmosphere at Udabno Hostel! Spacious kitchen, common space, bathrooms and a terrace with a breathtaking view of the steppe are to your full disposition! There are 20 places available. Breakfast included. Meet a bunch of creative people and get a touch of real Georgia.

25 GEL per person per night (no breakfast)

To book a place just call or write a message to us:

E-mail: oasisclubudabno@gmail.com
Tel. +995 574 80 55 63

Coming soon...

+995 574 80 55 63
Sagarejo Region, Georgia


From Tbilisi:

Gareji Line (www.facebook.com/gareji.line) - from Freedom Square in Tbilisi every day at 11 am (from April to October). It goes straight to David Gareja (on the way you can ask the driver to stop at Oasis Club although they do it anyhow on the way back from David Gareji).

There is also a marshrutka that goes straight to Udabno every two days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) from Samgori metro station at 4 pm.

You can also go to Sagarejo and from there go by taxi (20-25 lari to Udabno).

David Gareja

A monastery complex founded by st. David Garejeli, one of the thirteen Assyrian monks who arrived in Georgia in the 6th century. It is one of the most important landmarks in Georgia. This site is characterised by a unique combination of historic architecture, prehistoric archaeological sites and important bio-geographical features widely spread within the arid landscape of the river Iori plateau. The dozens of cave monasteries are decorated with unique frescoes.


Udabno (Kakheti) is a village on the border with Azerbaijan, on the way from Tbilisi to David Gareja, one of the most popular tourist spots in Georgia. A surrounding steppe makes it an exceptional place with unforgettable views. Currently it has approximately 300 inhabitants who are renowned for producing one of the best varieties of cheese in eastern Georgia. Tourists cross the village every day during a season period, heading to the monastery of David Gareji.


The main goals of the Udabno.org Foundation are: providing Udabno inhabitants with wider access to culture and art, reinforcing the touristic potential of the village and supporting the employment of the people in Udabno.
Thanks to donors who believe in the project as well as thanks to the guests of the restaurant who leave their contribution to Udabno.pl Foundation, we can organise interesting free events and help the local community to profit from their touristic potential.